Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PSA: Toddlers and vacations

Lest you think the beach was all sunshine and lollipops, let me send out this public service announcement: Toddlers on vacation will, at some point, decide they just want to go the hell home.

They want their toys and their bed, their highchair and their schedule. They don't want to eat foreign dirt off strange floors; they want to poke their little fingers into familiar corners and find the cruddy, stale Os they saved from three snack-times ago.

Or at least my toddlers do.

We took a vacation with my family when The Boy was 15 months old. About four or five days into that trip, he hit a wall. In hindsight, the crankiness didn't seem so bad and it was easy to blame on a case of roseola he came down with then. Surely, the vacation wall was a one-time thing.

But sometime late last Wednesday afternoon, The Lad -- age 16 months -- hit his own vacation wall. Nothing could console him. He didn't want me. He didn't want the husband. We tried to blame teething and a little cough and maybe those things contributed -- he was a little warm -- but mostly, I think he just wanted to be home. The husband and I had planned that night to take our boys to a minor league baseball game -- the Savannah Sand Gnats, how great is that name? -- but I ended up staying home with The Beastie. He finally cried himself to sleep and when he woke the next morning, you could see him looking around like, "What the fuck? I'm still here."

And then the crying started again. Eventually, we found things to make him happy, usually food-related, but for the rest of the trip, The Lad was volatile. Any little thing could set him off and then the crying fit would last for the better part of an hour.

The bonus of this kind of vacationing: By the time vacation is over, everyone wants to come home. The end of the trip isn't awful, but it's clearly not home sweet home, so you're left with no regrets about not being able to stay longer. I kind of like that.


Erica said...

So, so true.

Cupcake Mama said...

Why is this so true? I totally agree that a week vacation used to seem too short but now is perfect.

Cupcake Mama said...

Why is this so true? I totally agree that a week vacation used to seem too short but now is perfect.

k said...

Poor Beastie not waking up at home. (Although, his "WTF?!" kind of cracked me up.)

We have taken only two vacations since Ezra was born. One was a long weekend at 3 mos. old, the other was a week long when he was 13 months old and I was knocked up. They were...okay. Just SO MUCH PACKING. It was kind of intense.

Mimsie said...
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Jessica said...

I'm a real homebody, so I've felt like this my entire life. I love getting away, but after four or so days I just want my own bed again.

Jessica said...

Oops, I hate that my blog account isn't the one I use for email (and was therefore signed into). I screwed up the first comment I've left on your site!