Wednesday, July 6, 2011


In my 100 books in a year conquest, I've realized two things.

One, a book needs to have a very good reason to be more than 250 pages or else I stew the entire time I'm reading it, making me dislike it even it if is a decent book.

And two, series books make me angry. Stop trying to cash in so much and just write one book. It doesn't have to be a trilogy or an endless series (I'm looking at you Sookie Stackhouse series.) Because after about the fourth book, it starts losing it's appeal. This comes after reading A Discovery of Witches, which I know a lot of people liked but I just didn't. And I liked it even less when I realized it was the first in a trilogy.

Climbing off my soapbox now...


We are planning Peanut's 3rd birthday party. What was intended to be a little get together has turned into a party with almost 30 people, mostly family.

It's about a week and half away and I just ordered the decorations. I didn't bother with invites, just called people this weekend and said, "Hey, our kid is turning 3. You want to come to a party?"

I'm struggling to find a downloadable picture but we are going with a pink pirate theme. That's right. Pink pirate. Nothing says happy 3rd birthday like skulls, crossbones and hearts in black and pink.

I still have no idea what we are going to eat or what I am doing about the cake. I should probably figure all of this out soon.


The husband and I are planning a night out with some friends in a few weeks. We still haven't taken the plunge with a teen babysitter for the girls but we figure now is a good time.

A co-worker has a teen daughter that we are trying to coax into staying with the girls while we go to a restaurant in town. She doesn't like the idea of changing diapers though so we will see if she agrees.

I'm willing to pay her just about anything if it means the husband and I can get a night out more regularly.


Peanut did use the potty this weekend. Once.

She was in the pool at my in-laws without a swim diaper (because I only packed the one that she used early in the day.) We told her she had to tell us if she needed to potty.

She eventually said she needed to so I scooped her up and rushed her to the bathroom. She sat on the big potty and peed. I squealed with delight, clapped and tried to give her high-5.

She freaked out and not in a good way. It was like she was afraid. We figure the thought of giving up control has her scared.

I don't know if it makes me happy or more frustrated that she knows when she needs to use the potty. Probably a little bit of both.


Colleen said...

Pink pirate themed... I love it! Can't believe she's already three!!! :)

Hope you and Lucas are doing well! Miss you!

~she~ said...

Regarding trilogy books, I agree. I once read the first book in a series that I didn't know was part of a series. It bugged me that I never found out what happened. When someone mentioned it was part 1/3, I wasn't in the mood to finish the series. But you're right, the last in the series usually aren't as good.

Let's pirates. You could have goldfish crackers around the party area as appetizers. Chocolate coins are fun. For family parties, I like to make a giant sub and cut it into sandwiches. You could make PB&J sandwiches for the kids and cut them with a fish shaped cookie cutter. For the cake, you could make it look like water and a beach. Then you could slap a plastic toy pirate ship on top. Crushed graham crackers or brown sugar makes great sand. Good luck!

Erica said...

I am all for low key birthdays.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

OMG. I am 2/3 of the way through A Discovery of Witches and it is SO SLOW. I am currently skimming.

Love the pink pirates!