Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get away

If you haven't gotten away for at least a night in the past six months, stop making excuses and do it. You need it. It is good for you and your kids. You and your spouse or partner could plan a few days out state to a place you have never been. Send your kids to the grandparents or friends or someone willing to take them so that you can have a break. They will be fine.

Maybe have a four course dinner at a wonderful restaurant where you get a different glass of sangria with every course and the chef comes out and explains what you are eating and how he came up with the concept.

A place that Al Capone regularly frequented. A place where F. Scott Fitzgerald hung out and once got kicked out of for being too rowdy but he still based the hotel in The Great Gatsby on it.

Then you can have a churro dessert with cherry bacon jam and powdered bacon fat on top ... Seriously.

You could go to breakfast at a place like this:

Where they have things like this in the gift store:

(They also had ninja-bread men cookie cut outs that I apparently didn't take a picture of.)

And then go shopping in hipster stores and get this for the baby:

(I think I should get commission for purchases made after I bought this. I posted it on Facebook and referred at least three other people to the website - - for purchases)

And just a have a good time with your spouse, drinking bourbon, eating good food, seeing Church Hill Downs and watching your husband giddy with delight at seeing the paddock where the horses are kept.

Sleeping in. Sleeping through the night and not the five hour bull the books claim is sleeping through the night.

Even if you need to stop what you are doing every five hours to pump and make the husband keep the cooler stocked with fresh ice, go. You need it. And don't feel guilty.

You will thank me later.


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Erica said...

Agreed! So glad you had fun.