Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not that bad

We went to a certain place where you can get pizza and kids can play games while creepy animatronic animals sing bad songs like "Walk the Dinosaur" for a birthday party this week.*

Before we went, I had flashbacks to my childhood of a dark place with lots of blinking lights , a suspect ball pit where any amount of diseases could be contracted and creepy stuffed animals making herky-jerky movements while playing instruments. I wasn't ready to scar Peanut or Gizmo for life but knew it was important for them to attend the birthday party of our little friend who shares the same birthday as Peanut.

I was pleasantly surprised. Peanut had a blast, running around with the kids, acting like she was playing games, actually playing games and climbing in the indoor gym equipment. And there was no germ-infested ball pit.

The husband and I even got in on some of the action, trying to win as many tickets for Peanut as possible. I found one game that made me feel like I was back in Vegas playing the slots.

They even had great security to keep anyone from leaving with the wrong kid.

The only bad part was when the person inside of the mouse costume got a little too close to Peanut. The husband shielded her and turned to me to say, "Did you see that? She looked at him like he was a sex offender."

*When "Walk the Dinosaur" came on, I had flashbacks to my fourth-grade dance recital which included bad neon lycra and a side ponytail. I even did some of the moves for the husband, who promptly turned and walked away from me. I don't really blame him.


Colleen said...

:) I remember that dance... and that costume. That's sad isn't it???

Jessica said...

We once saw someone in a Curious George costume at Barnes & Noble. My daughter also freaked out when "George" got too close.

Erica said...

boom boom chaka laka boom boom.

k said...

Ohhhhh...Ezra does not like Costumed Things at all. But he does love games and bright flashing lights, so I've often wondered if he'd dig such a place.

~she~ said...

I think ball pits have been outlawed due to half eaten burgers, vomit, and feces that covered the floor once the balls were removed. Yum.