Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Divide and conquer

Somehow, we were out of bread, milk and coffee tonight. So, after dinner, the husband and The Lad went to the grocery store. The grocery store gives free cookies. We did not have to ask The Lad twice.

"Cookie! Beeshie Cookie! Cookie!"

He still thinks his name is Beastie.

The husband said halfway to the store, The Lad got fussy because there still was no cookie in his hand. The husband explained again that they were on their way. They were almost to the grocery store and when they got to the store, he would get a cookie.

"Beeshie cookie," The Lad said. (I imagine him nodding. He does that a lot now.) "Beeshie BIIIIIIIIIIG cookie."

Meanwhile, I ignored the supper dishes and flopped on the floor to color with The Boy. We drew a rocket ship and sharpened every pencil he owns. We practiced writing his name. We drew silly pictures of each other, though he said he couldn't draw people.

"Drawing yourself is hard, Momma."

Triangles also are too hard, he said. "But look. I can draw big circles. A huuuuuge circle."

When Daddyman and Lad returned, we jammied and brushed teeth and The Lad gave his flying goodnight hugs all around. The Boy and I talked about California in my favorite chair and checked out his silly bands, the toy that just won't go away. We read some Harry Potter and had a "snack" with his stuffed animals in bed.

"What was your favorite part of the day?" I asked The Boy, just before tucking him in for the night.

"Um, I had two favorite parts. Coloring with you and reading Harry."

Me, too.

(The husband's favorite part was the trip with The Lad. I'm willing to bet the cookie was Beastie's favorite bit.)


~she~ said...

What a delightful evening! Mine was spent at a first birthday party with people who consider me "family" even though we were born in different countries.

Erica said...

So nice.
Also I love the beeshie cookie bit.

k said...

I love a good heartwarming evening. Makes me feel rosy inside and out.