Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thinking happy thoughts

Here's my happy thoughts for the day:

Gizmo is so very mobile right now. She has taken to crawling, stopping, and pushing herself up into a downward-facing dog pose. Then she drops down, crawls and does it again. I have tried to get a photo of this but she is quick like a bunny. Just take my word for it, it’s adorable.

Peanut starts preschool in less than a month. While this makes a small part of me sad because MAH BAYBEEEE (insert sobbing here), it is still exciting. She’s going twice a week in the mornings. I am hoping she will accomplish a multitude of skills – mainly pooping on the potty. That child refuses. She won't use the potty in any form. And, yes, I know she will do it when she is ready but it is time to be ready. She's three. So maybe if she sees all of her classmates doing it, she will hop on the bandwagon. This may be the first and only time in her life that I am counting on peer pressure to help me out.

Peanut has a dusting of freckles on her nose. I told her she got them after fairies kissed her. Now, each day, she asks me to see if more fairies kissed her nose or she just declares, "I have more fairy kisses!" I love this.

The Blathering is so close. Less than three months away. I’ve been mentally packing my bags. Do I want to take more dresses or more jeans? Should I take cowboy boots since it is Austin or will I look like a big dork? So many fun choices. Can I tell you the last time I took a trip with friends? When I went to visit Hillary in Florida before I got married. Six years ago. (It was a lovely trip but my lasting memory is of her evil cat bitch-slapping me when I tried to hold her.) One marriage, two babies and many sleepless nights later, I’m off for what will surely be a lovely getaway.

I am starting a new venture. I’m taking my craftiness to the people. I’ve decided to make a few things such as the ribbon wreaths, fabric circles, button letters and perhaps a few painted canvasses and sell them at one of our local craft shows. This could be an epic fail and I will be left with a bunch of things that I don’t want (you can only put so many ribbon wreaths and fabric circles up in the house before the husband declares an intervention). OR it could be something fun for me to do on the side, allowing me to use my creativity more. I was talking about it with a friend today who said she wants to do the same thing. So, we are going to get a booth together and see how it goes.

I put $2 in a pot at work for Powerball tickets. $220 million. Do you know how much ribbon and fabric that could buy?

What are your happy thoughts?


~she~ said...

I just love new freckles on little kids!

k said...

My happy thought is that it's almost lunchtime.

Erica said...

Yeah the Blathering! Fun girls trip!

Jenny said...

Keep it up with buying lotto tickets at work!,0,6097280.story

Good luck with the craft stuff! It's nice to flex that creative muscle.