Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do you do it?

Wednesday morning dawned with Peanut crawling into bed with me. Her feet seemed exceptionally warm on my shins as she folded her body next to mine. I wrapped my arms around her and realized it wasn't just her feet that were warm. Her whole body was.

The husband was getting ready for work, only in his second week at the new job where he doesn't have any time off until he's been there for three months. That meant I needed to make plans to stay home. (When we worked at the same place, this was a little easier. I could come in a couple hours late, he could leave a couple hours early and we just traded the kids in the parking lot.)

Peanut said she felt fine but her 101 temp said otherwise. When I couldn't get it to stay down (probably because I was using expired advil ... mother of the year right here. It only expired in February.) I decided to call the doctor. When Peanut realized she was going to the doctor, she fessed up, telling me that her ears hurt. The doctor confirmed the ear infection and on the antibiotics she went.

Thursday dawned and she was cool as a cucumber. Seeing no need to stay home a second day, I took them both to the babysitter's only to get a call from the husband at 3 p.m. saying Gizmo now had a temp of 101 and had thrown up. We played a quick game of, "Whose going to leave work and get the sick kiddo to the doctor." He said he didn't have any time off. I told him I stayed home yesterday and that I had just arrived at work while he was almost done with his day. He agreed and made arrangements to leave a little early.

Thankfully, his brother and sister-in-law recently moved to the area. With no kids of their own to wrangle, they agreed tonight to come stay with Peanut so the husband could take Gizmo to the doctor.

He sent me play-by-play of the doctor's visit via text messages and updated his Facebook so I knew what was going on:

-There are six groups waiting.

-Been here 15 min called no one back.

-No ear infection. They r testing her urine. I think it's teeth. She's been her normal self.

-You would think children are being led to slaughter here at the Pediatrician. I am recording sound for next time Peanut acts up.

-Urine is fine. They just swabbed her throat.

-She has strep throat.

And guess who won't be at work Friday? This momma.

Besides the whole "I hate that my kids are sick and possibly in pain," I also hate the picking between sick kid and work and who is needed more at work - mommy or daddy. We both need to be at work but we both want/need to be there for our kids when they are sick. (One day in a week, I don't feel so guilty about. Two days in a week, I start to feel guilty. Why? I don't know.)

We've been lucky to have family help us. My dad recently retired and has stepped in. My mom has been known to take a day off in pinch to help out. The husband's mom has been there for us numerous times when needed. But even needing them makes me feel guilty sometimes. A voice in my head reminds me that these are my children, my responsibility.

So how do you balance sick kids and work?


Jessica said...

I usually stay home, because I care about my job less:) it sucks, though, if we both have important meetings and have to fight over who gets to go. That doesnt happen too often, since my mom watches the kids for part of the week, so they go even if they're sick.

~she~ said...

I was always on the other end- the child care worker. Parents would act like we were asking the world of them when they had to pick up their sick, puking kid. It made me never want to work and have kids. Thankfully, I've been able to stay home with mine but it's been a sacrifice. Hubby and I were talking about if I would go back when all the kids were in school. I realized that when Baby Girl starts Kindergarten, Son #1 will be a sophomore! That blows my mind! There will always be sick kids, even when they're older. (My mom had to take off work to take care of me when I had my appendix out a couple years ago!)

k said...

We had that on Monday and with T out of town, I was left piecing it together with help from J the Fabulous Nanny.

I don't like days like that with all the juggling.

Sarah said...

I'm just so glad I've never had to deal with that. But we will have childcare issues soon, when I start working as a doula (because Yay! my old doula asked me to join her practice as soon as I get certified!) and get suddenly called away at the drop of a hat a few times a month. I'm sure it will be interesting for awhile scrambling around to make arrangements while hurrying to a birth!

Erica said...

I have a sick kid right now. It's 100% me that stays home with her unless I can nab our babysitter. It's a bummer. Today is a babysitter day which is lucky.