Monday, October 24, 2011


After returning from The Blathering last night, I saw someone suggest on Twitter that people post what is making them happy. I thought this was a great idea, positive vibes and all.

  • I am happy that I got to spend a long weekend with Hillary. It is the longest we've spent together in six years. The last time I spent that much time with her, I went to see her in Florida before I got married. Two weddings and four kids later, we finally got to spend some quality time together, creating new memories and reminiscing about old ones. We even had ice cream for lunch one day.
  • Austin had some great shopping, specifically jewelry. I got some great pieces while there, including this oversized flower Kendra Scott ring and a necklace with a mermaid riding a seahorse (I got it for $6.50 at what I'm pretty sure was an old people's sweat shop. Everything there was made by senior citizens and it was dirt cheap. Ridiculously cheap.$4 for a knitted cap. $4.88 for stained glass ladybugs. I felt kind of guilty but not guilty enough to not buy it.)
  • I met so many cool ladies while in Austin, specifically Erica and Heather. We picked them at the airport and spent a good part of the weekend together. I cannot tell you how fabulous these two are. Hilarious. The stories they told had me crying from laughing so hard. Everyone else we met was just lovely and no one freaked out when I hugged them. I think the blogs in my reader will triple after this weekend and I'm going to spend more time on Twitter.
  • One of the best moments was when I found Mrs. Irritation in the Dallas airport through Twitter. We had never met before so we were describing what we were wearing via Twitter, much to the delight of others watching the conversation who said it was like a bad Lifetime movie. Even better, we were booked to sit next to each other on the plane from Dallas to Austin. It was a great start to the weekend.
  • And finally, it was great to come home to a happy, healthy family excited to see me. Everyone was pleased with the presents I brought home (Even the husband who got a figurine of a donkey working on a laptop. He's got a thing about donkeys.)

What's making you happy?


Jessica said...

It was great to meet both of you!

~she~ said...

How fun!

k said...

You saying "old people's sweat shop" made me snort coffee through my nose.

Also, that donkey figurine is awesome.

d e v a n said...

That's like fate - the plane seating! cool!

Erica said...

Whoa dude. I did not see the donkey typing. That is straight awesome. I miss you guys already!! Please come to LA. Husbands and kids welcome.

HereWeGoAJen said...

It was awesome to meet you this weekend and I am so glad you came. :)

And that is an awesome donkey.