Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Question time

Question time, it's question time. Time to answer my questions. (Sing to whatever melody pops in your head.)

1a. What are your kids going to be for Halloween?
My answer: Peanut is going as Jessie from Toy Story. This was after she asked to be a chameleon, a peacock, Jessie and a pink crayon all in a span of one minute. While we were at the Disney store (where she proclaimed over and over again, "Momma, I want to dress like a priiiinnncessssssss!"), I noticed the Toy Story costume accessories were on sale. I grabbed the boots, which she could even wear with other outfits, and the hat and said, "How about Jessie for Halloween?" Peanut agreed.

Now I have to get the rest of the costume. I'm debating making the cow-print chaps myself, putting them over jeans and then just topping it with a white button-down. (And by making them, I mean cutting them out, gluing the edges down and using some iron-on tape to hold them onto the jeans temporarily.)

As for Gizmo, because I like my themes, we will probably go with some kind of farm animal. Most likely a sheep, because sheep are cute. I saw a Toy Story alien costume that was cute but seemed very cumbersome with only the baby's face visible.

1b. How much are you comfortable spending on a costume?
My answer: I'm like to say no more than $20 per kid but it will probably be more like $30, which just seems like a lot for a night of walking around the block asking for candy. But the pictures (and the memories) will last forever, right?

2. What kind of phone do you have? Do you like it?
My answer: Right now I have a Droid HTC Eris. It is NOT working well for me AND it's out of warranty AND  I'm 2.5 months from getting an upgrade. After complaining to my carrier, they said they would upgrade me now but won't let me get an iPhone, which is what I really, really, really wanted.

Like a little kid waiting for his Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas wanted.

I'm very bummed about this and I'm debating keeping the crappy phone for a couple more months (people can't always hear me, apps randomly quit, it scrolls inexplicably to the left while I'm texting, making my texts unreadable) so that I can get the iPhone OR do I suck it up and get a new Droid phone, which will be lovely but not as lovely as the iPhone.

3. How do you read? Traditoinal? eBooks? Audiobooks?
My answer: This year I've stuck completely to eBooks. When I got my nook, I bought quite a few until I figured out our library system and found they had a decent selection of eBooks. This week, I started listening to "Townie" on audiobook and I don't know how I feel about it. The narrator is eh. Kind of dry and monotone. I don't know that I will listen to many audiobooks.

As for exclusively reading eBooks, I'm starting to feel bad. I love that I can check out a book any time I want and that I don't have a ton of different books to lug around. But, I haven't been to the library once and I feel like I need to start taking Peanut so that she knows what a library is. Maybe we will make a trip of it this weekend.

Your turn to answer the questions ...


Jessica said...

1a. The baby is going to be a monkey. I got his costume for $8 at a consignment shop. Margaret is going to be a fairy. As far as I know she's never watched/read anything with a fairy in it, but the costume came in a hand-me-down box and she proclaimed it "pretty" and wants to wear it all the time.

1b. I am very glad the hand-me-down box came this past weekend, because I had found nothing for Margaret I was willing to pay for. I think I was expecting to find an $8 costume like Paul's, but I looked everywhere I could think of for used costumes and couldn't find anything in 2T.

2. HTC Droid Incredible. I love, love, loved it until I went on my maternity leave and used my iPad 24-7. Now my phone seems slow and cumbersome. It's still pretty good as far as phone's go, though. However, I am starting to count the months until it's two years are up (six to go).

3. I prefer traditional books, but have a Nook (which I read some library books on) and the Kindle for iPad app (which I read 99 cent Kindle books on). I was taking Margaret to the library every week, but then I went back to work and now we don't have the time. The library is on my way to/from work, though, so its easy to return books and pick up others I have on hold. A lot of the books I want to read aren't in our library's e-library.

Two Braids said...

1. Sophia is going to be an octopus. I have no idea where she got this idea from but I like it. Over the past month when I've asked what she wants to be she has mentioned, Winnie the Pooh, Tiger, a crayon, octopus, and a bunch of other crap she saw in a catalog. But always comes back to the octopus. Emma will be a Mermaid. Both costumes will be 'mommy made.' I've spent $12 on 8 pairs of womens knee high socks for the tentacles. I will attempt to sew something looking like a mermaid tail and possibly using one of her swaddlers to mimic the tail.

2. I have a Crackberry. I have a love hate relationship with it. I'm not important enough to really receive a lot of emails and don't have my work account linked with it. I love it for facebook and twitter. I don't really have any other apps on there. I don't sync it with my computer. I would really like an iPhone b/c I think it is more user friendly and I would actually download apps. But I can't afford/justify the cost.

3. Reading: I do all 3. I go to the library regularly with Sophie and currently reading 3 actual books. I have a Nook that I love for the car/vacation and ease of reading while nursing. But I haven't uploaded any books since vacation this summer. I often listen to audio books b/c of my monstrous commute. But it has to be something riveting or at least dramatic. I like Jodi Picoult b/c I wouldn't read her books but her stories, while predictable, are enough to keep my attention while driving.

Sarah said...

I have some kind of cheap flip open thing I bought refurbished when my other phone (out of warranty but still not due for a free new one for a year) got killed via a dumped soda at the zoo. I hate it. It's so old school it doesn't even have a normal keypad.
I don't care a bit about having internet/email access on my phone. I just need it to work reliably and allow me to text quickly. However, I am having lots of trouble getting my texts in a timely fashion, and I keep missing calls from people! I have had my phone in to get fiddled with several times, and I'm beginning to think it's the service at fault, not the phone. Stupid Alltel. Can't wait til my contract is up with them.

Megan, mom to Lea Nicole said...

1a. Lea is going to be the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I'm going to be Alice and the husband is going to be the Mad Hatter (but don't tell him that yet).
1b. $30. Last year it was probably under $10 and this year it's a bit closer to $25. I like to make her costume.
2. Samsung something or other. I desperately want to upgrade but we're not eligible until the end of November.
3. Traditional books.

~she~ said...

1A. My girls are wearing Chinese outfits I bought in Chinatown in San Fran. They're so cute and I'm going to try to work a bun with chopsticks.
1B. I hate paying big money for something they'll wear for a couple hours. We've tried recycling costumes throughout the years but they're typically too cheap to use again. I prefer to not spend over $15.

2. You wouldn't like my phone so no point talking about it. I've not upgraded to the Smart Phone Age yet.

3. Traditional books or Kindle. I love them both. It's kind of fun to switch back and forth. I'm reading a regular book right now, which I've found that I've missed. But the Kindle is so nice to throw in your bag if you're going to a dentist appointment. I can't do audio books...I can't pay attention. I am a total visual person. I can't listen to sports or talk shows on the radio either.

Cupcake Mama said...

A chicken for one party and a fireman for another party. An orange tutu was also purchased because that can go right into Turkey day. If I pick out the costume then I am fine spending more but if she wants to be a princess in coming years then we will kick it old school style. Ya know, go in your own closet and make it happen.

I have a blackberry which I hate, but it is free from work and free is always the perfect phone. I had an HTC through work too and it sucked but not as bad as the blackberry. I had an iPhone when I was unemployed and it is the stuff that dreams are made of.

I prefer real books as I am one of those kooks that think those readers are hurting your eyes.

Eve said...

1a. Our son will be a T-Rex. He has instructed us that Mommy and Daddy should be plants. Not sure how to feel about this.

1b. I got lucky and found said T-Rex costume at HomeGoods for $20. Comparable costumes online were $40-50, and I wasn't willing to pay that much. I've had good luck at children's consignment stores in past years.

2. I have an HTC Evo (through Sprint), and I love it. It's a Google phone, so it's set up to work well with all things Google.

3. I don't have an e-reader, so I only read print books. After looking at a computer monitor and my smart phone all day at work, my eyes like the break. But I don't read nearly as many books as you ... I could see how an e-reader would appeal to someone plowing through 10 books a month.

Tara said...

2. HTC Inspire. Love it.
3. Both. I have a Kindle, but I am pretty cheap, and until very recently I couldn't get e-books for it from my library. So I read a lot of library books, and then re-read books I own and books on the Kindle.