Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The husband shared this little exchange among he and the boys this morning: 
(Background info: Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips are players for the Cincinnati Reds.) 
The Lad is wearing his Jay Bruce shirt and is quite pleased.
The Lad: Bruce shirt
the husband: You like your Bruce shirt?
The Lad: Bruce defense.
the husband: Yeah, Bruce does play good defense.
The Lad: Uh, huh
The Boy (whose favorite player is Gold Glove second baseman Brandon Phillips): He didn't win a Golden Glove though.
the husband: He should have.
The Lad (nodding): Glove too.
And then the husband's heart exploded with pride.... He was so cute, grinning like it was Opening Day when he told me this story. And then he had to share it on Facebook.


Jessica said...

My husband cannot wait to teach the kids everything he knows about baseball. My daughter already knows a lot of the players.

Elsha said...

That is cute.