Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday tidbits

Apparently my whole not-going-to-stress-about-the-holidays also meant not-going-update-the-blog-much.

Here's the skinny about what's happening around our parts:

Maddie is full on walking. Just walking her happy booty around. Also? She has kind of a wild look in her eyes accompanied by lots of screeching and screaming. Oh and one night she bit us all. Chased us all down to bite us and even turned her four chompers on the bedside table.

Have I mentioned I think she is going to be my wild child?


I spent two hours wrapping presents while also debating if we got the girls enough for Christmas. We curbed our gift buying this year mainly because the girls don't need a bunch of toys. They have enough and I don't want our house filled with more stuff.

We did get them a shared gift of big sister/little sister Cabbage Patch dolls. Peanut saw the dolls in the store (after I had already ordered them) and she declared that they "freaked her out." Gizmo might get an extra doll for Christmas.

P.S. Wrapping presents is a pain but not as much when you aren't 9 months pregnant. I do not miss that.


Speaking of being 9 months pregnant, I finally figured out what we are doing for Gizmo's birthday (which we won't celebrate with the official party until mid-January). Ladybugs will be the theme, which should make Hillary happy given her love of ladybugs.

I got Gizmo, Peanut and their cousin black t-shirts that I am going to adorn with sequined ladybugs. Gizmo's outfit will be topped with a black and red tutu and hopefully black and red striped tights. So. Excited.


I am 99 books into my 100 books in a year challenge. I have started and quit 5 books in the past two weeks. I'm so close and yet can't find anything I want to read.

I think my goal next year won't be quite as ambitious. Maybe one book a week instead since I hope to get my etsy shop up and running.

I don't think I ever told you I figured out a name for it: Forever Hearts, which is a play on my maiden name.

What's happening with you?


Elsha said...

Wrapping presents IS easier when your not pregnant. Every time I sit down and have to get up I feel like I'm about 80. And I'm only 6 months!

~she~ said...

I did Baby Girl's first birthday in ladybugs. I baked her cake in a Pampered Chef 2-qt. mixing bowl, cut it in half lenthwise, and put it together to form a ladybug. Red icing is always difficult to make...I would suggest buying it. Black wasn't bad...I made chocolate icing and then colored it black. We had matching ladybug sugar cookies. I actually posted a picture of the cake here:

Erica said...

Sequin ladybugs! I die. Also, Maddie bit the four of you - oh my!

d e v a n said...

Ladybugs!! Oh, I can't wait to see pictures!
And 99 books - way to go!

Tara said...

Yes, with the wrapping presents (and decorating the Christmas tree, and walking and breathing and sleeping and eating, etc.) while 9 months pregnant. So thankful to have the baby on the OUTSIDE this year! I can't believe how STRONG your baby is! Walking already! She's incredible.