Friday, December 16, 2011

Spreading love and joy

I have been a bit cranky this week. Holiday pressure, important decisions to make, stress at work. Yesterday, I had three people ask me if I was OK and I felt twirly and on the brink. I even told one co-worker I was about to have a Jerry Maguire moment, you know, "Who's coming with me?!"

Then I had a pep talk with myself last night. It was time to pull it together and realize that much of the stress and pressure I was self-imposed, as usually is the case. It was time to get in the Christmas spirit, damnit.

This morning I woke up in a much better mood. Here is what's making me happy:

  • Gizmo is walking. Straight up zombie-baby walking. She thinks she is big time now. The husband thinks she is a holy terror, which she kind of is but in an oh-so-adorable and innocent way.
  • I had a fabulous talk with my dad this morning about human behavior and what annoys us. I love hashing things out with him.
  • We had a great morning and appear to be making strides in getting out the door without any freak outs - mine or the kids. The husband and I are getting up earlier and Peanut is getting used to the new schedule.
  • We are celebrating Christmas twice this weekend - once with the husband's dad and another time with his mom.
  • The husband expertly deals with my cranky moods. Giving me my space when I need it and telling me that everything is going to be fine.
  • I'm sending a Christmas package to Hillary and the boys and finally getting around to sending the giveaway package to Tara.
What's making you happy?

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