Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Boy!

Four years ago today, The Boy arrived. 
Every day, his gift to me is a reminder that life is not all about me.

I was never the girl tossing a football with the guys. 
But I play ball -- any kind of ball, every kind of ball -- with The Boy in our backyard. 

I want my time with my coffee in my book in the morning. 
But instead I find myself sipping coffee over The Boy's head while we read his books. 
(I am unable to resist a squishy toddler begging to read.)

I wanted to not raise a brat. 
But The Boy -- and my own behavior toward him, lord help me -- reminded me everyone has bratty days. 

I struggled to deal the "right" way with every tantrum and trial
But The Boy showed me kids don't conform to "what the book says."
(We're still working on finding our right ways. I suspect we'll never stop.)

I used to say I wouldn't run if my life depended on it -- and even then I'd try to talk my way out of the mess. But I run races with The Boy and trot alongside the big-boy bike he got for this big-boy birthday. 

When I imagined having a child, I always pictured a well-behaved, dark-haired girl. 
But I can't imagine anything better than my dirty, stinky boys.

The Boy is serious, funny, silly, sweet, fearless, cautious, thoughtful, tricksy, bossy, athletic and witty.
He demanded a doughnut cake for this birthday.
He voluntarily waited two weeks to start the next Harry Potter on his birthday. 
He fights with his brother, but giggles at everything The Lad does. 
He's never seen a ball he didn't want to throw.
He is my favorite little Rhys Monkey.

I am a better person for being a mother.
My life is better for having this Boy in it.

*I'd put a picture on this post, but The Boy recently declared we only could take pictures of him on holidays. I'm going to respect his privacy.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy birthday!

Elsha said...

Happy birthday!

Kimberly Blake said...
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Kimberly Blake said...

Happy Birthday! Birthdays are personal holidays! :)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!

Erica said...

Love it. 4! And I love tricksy. Little boys are like hobbits!

k said...

Happy birthday! I hope you guys had a great day with that donut cake!

Erica said...

Happy birthday! 4 seems so big!