Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Driving the boys to school this morning, they demanded the Avett Brothers. I complied and we all were silent -- well, I was singing along -- listening to the music. A song ended just as we went through the last intersection before the daycare. 

"Momma, can you shut this off?" The Boy said just as the next song started. 

"What?" I teased. "You don't want to just listen to part of a song?" 

He didn't say anything as I parked and shut off the radio. I unbuckled him and he swung his long legs out of the booster seat. 

"It's kind of sad when you can't hear all of it, Momma." 


The Boy is in a basketball class right now. Every Wednesday night, the husband takes him to the class and then out to dinner. Meanwhile, I take The Lad home to let out the dog and have an evening together. Tonight, I didn't feel like cooking -- we already had eggs, the traditional no-daddy dinner, once this week -- so The Lad and I stopped downtown for a slice of pizza and ice cream. 

Coming out of the ice cream place, The Lad held my hand and swung my arm, practically bouncing down the sidewalk. 

"Who's my favorite little Beastie Beast?"


We had a brief discussion about decorative frog statues in a window and kept walking down to the car. 

"Had fun," he said. "Had fun eat-tin pizza an' ice cream with Momma."

I almost started crying in the middle of the street. That little bit totally got me through the part of my evening, two hours later, when I discovered a flea on the dog and had to give both animals a bath. 


Sarah said...

Oh yes, those little scraps of appreciation can keep you going for a long time. The other day I was giving Eli a hug and he burrowed into me and said, "Hmm, I could just hug you forever, Mommy." DEATH BY SWEETNESS. I'm pretty sure he got two desserts that night.

Sarah Lena said...

Am totally getting misty-eyed over here.

Our boys can NEVER grow up.

Jessica said...

Meg feels the same way about hearing parts of songs. Usually, she'll get in the car and ask to hear the rest of the song playing when she got out of the car earlier (on the radio). She's crushed when I can't make it happen.

Eve said...

Mommy-son dates are the best. (Just don't tell the husbands.)

Erica said...