Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jerry and other brother stories

After we switched the beds, the boys were running from our dining room all the way across the house so they could take a running leap on the mattresses on the floor. They giggled and hooted as they ran this circuit after dinner.

"Watch my friend Jerry!" The Boy shouted.

"Who's Jerry?" I said.

"My brother."

The Lad's name is NOT Jerry. No one has ever called him Jerry. No one we know is named Jerry. The husband and I exchanged puzzled looks and then asked the obvious question.

"Why do you call him Jerry?"

Just as we asked, The Lad ran smack into the extra chair in the dining room, bounced off and lay sprawled, face down on the tile.

"Because he's slippy," The Boy shrugged.

We all giggled, even Jerry.


The Boy was not quite awake when, sitting at the kitchen table waiting for his waffle, he realized the Daddyman had gone on a cool down run without him. The husband had waited for as long as he could, but the kids both slept in and we have a time limit in the mornings before school and work. None of that mattered to the still-sleep Boy, of course.

"I wanted to go on the cool down!" he wailed.

The Lad, already eating his waffle, looked across the table at his crying brother.

"RAWR!" He was very obviously trying to get The Boy to laugh.

The Boy did not crack a smile. So, The Lad tried a different tactic. He wiggled in his chair, doing a happy dance.

Nothing. More crying from across the table.

The Lad wiggled some more and waved his arms. Nothing. More wiggling, more waving and a silly roar. Nothing.

The Lad grabbed his fork and cocked back his arm. He looked at me, waiting at the toaster oven and watching their antics. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Me throw fork? Me throw fork at Boy?"

The Boy burst into giggles before I could even get out a "DON'T YOU DARE!"


This is what The Boy told the husband happened the first night the boys slept in the same room:

The Lad woke, scared of bad guys, monsters and dragons.

"So, I told him, 'It's OK. Don't worry. Go back to sleep. There are no bad guys, monsters or dragons. And if there are, Chanker (that's The Boy's dinosaur pillow pet) will scare them away with his RAWR!'"


The Lad is getting big enough that he's allowed out on the playground with the older kids at daycare in the afternoons, which means he's out playing with The Boy's class sometimes when I come to pick up the kiddos. The Lad has taken an especial liking to The Boy's teacher, Mrs. A. He holds her hand and follows her around.

He also acts as an extra set of eyes when it comes to his brother. He spent most of one afternoon telling on The Boy to Mrs. A:

"Boy in mulch! Boy throwing mulch!"

The question is: Does he really like the teacher or does he just like tattling on his brother?

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Eve said...

I love that moment when they crack a smile -- even though they're trying with all their might to be in a bad mood.