Thursday, February 16, 2012

What marketing does

We are reading "Peter Pan," the real Peter Pan, to the boys right now. It's more challenging than I remember it; the pacing of the sentences is old-fashioned, so it takes getting used to, and the vocabulary is well-above most modern children's books. But the boys have surprised me by sticking with it and laughing at the appropriate times. It helps that Tinker Bell is even feistier -- and also foul-mouthed -- in the book. Both kiddos thought it was hilarious when she called Peter a silly ass.

It also helps that they've seen the Disney versions, so they know Capt. Hook is bad and Peter has a sword and Tinker Bell is a fairy. Disney movies, as we all know, stick with kids. I was reminded just how much tonight.

Before we read, I always do a quick recap of the last night's pages. The Lad still is just soaking things up, but sometimes I ask questions to see if The Boy remembers.

"Who's Wendy flying with?"

"Umm, Tinker Bell."

"Is that good? Does Tink like Wendy."

"NO!" The Boy grinned, remembering the pinches Tink had given Wendy.

"And, where were they all going? Where are Peter and Wendy and the boys flying to?"

"Um. Um. Uh. .... DISNEY!"

Yeah, not really.

And let me just remind you: my children have never been to Disney.


Erica said...

It's conflicting because Disney is such a nutty marketing machine but I loved it so much as a kid and still do... I just decided to go with the flow with Anna. Although we're avoiding the princesses for as long as we can. Just well, the whole lesson most of those stories offer isn't really my cuppa.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Well, obviously you need to take them to Disney, right?