Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Writer's block

I don't know what is going on lately but I am having trouble finding anything to write about. Everything seems dull or I don't have enough time to craft anything thoughtful. Hence you are getting some randomness:

I am reading my first actual book in more than a year. I've read all ebooks since I got my Nook before Gizmo was born. But a friend offered to lend me the sequel to a book I read last year. Rather than wait for the library to get the ebook or buy it, I borrowed the actual book.

(See what I mean about dull. Sigh. Let me try something a bit more exciting.)

Peanut has been very expressive with her love lately. While using the restroom last night, she yelled downstairs to us, "I LOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOU!"

I'll take it.

She also informed me that she wants to take a big boat to go see her Aunt Hiwawry (read Hillary). Then she said, "I can't say Hiwawry. It's hard.


I had a very frustrating incident yesterday that made me cry. It is an unbloggable moment that really wasn't a big deal. But, while I pulled myself together, I tried to figure out why I was so upset. I've really been much calmer lately, trying to let the little things go.

Then I realized I am PMSing. Damn hormones. Getcha every time.


The husband had the difficult task of answering Peanut's questions about the school shooting in Ohio this week. I don't know how she knew about it ... maybe saw it on tv or overheard someone talking about it.

She wanted to know if it happened near her school and why it happened. He told her it happened far away and that sometimes we don't know why bad things happen.

She amazes me everyday with how old she is but even those questions blew my mind.


Worried that Gizmo isn't verbalizing much, I went back in the blog to see how many words Peanut had at her age.

(I know, I know. I shouldn't compare. Every kid develops differently. The second kid usually takes longer to talk.)

It doesn't look like Peanut had too many more actual words although she could do quite a few animal sounds (including yelling cock-a-doodle-do minus the a-doodle-do loudly whenever she saw a rooster.)

But I think Gizmo is more developed in her receptive language at this age. She climbs up the stairs and takes off her diaper when we tell her it is time for bath. She goes right to her highchair at dinnertime. She shakes her head no when we ask her questions (even when I ask her to sign please).

She also has this awesome way of adding excitement into mundane things. When we walk into a room, she rounds her little mouth and proclaims, "WHOA!" When I hand her a fig newton "WHOA!" When she gets in the bath, "WHOA!"

She's kind of awesome.

So, I've calmed my (probably) irrational fears. For now.


I started working out again. Broken foot be damned. Actually I am taking it easy, sticking mostly to the bike or weight machines.

I realized I am about 15 pounds heavier than when I got pregnant with Peanut.

I need to do something. And after pinning lots of super cute dresses this weekend while looking for options for upcoming events, I figured I should get back in shape before buying anything.

On a semi-related note, my closet looks really boring now after looking at so many fabulous dresses. I will use them as my motivation for regular work outs.


Cupcake Mama said...

I have been feeling the same way--blech. Ella really didn't talk until LATE like is just now really speaking.

k said...

Iris' receptive language is more advanced than her actual age, so YAY! brain understands stuff. But her talking/verbalization is a bit behind, so boo! mouth needs help.

And it's bloody hard not to compare siblings.

And is there anything worse on this planet than PMS sneak attacks? Balls.

Jennifer said...

So nice to read this about your little one- I'm worried/not worried about Audrey's verbal development at the moment. Very few words (Maggie had LOTS by 18 mos, A will be 18 mos in 2 weeks!) She has a few (uh-oh, peek-a-boo, Daddy) but nothing like Maggie had. BUT! Just like you said- her receptive language is amazing. She understands every darn thing we say, even in passing. It's amazing. So that makes me feel better... so I try not to stress. Or compare. Much. (IT'S HARD, YO. heh)