Monday, March 5, 2012

Guilty pleasures

I've read the Twilight series three times. I watched the first movie twice in a 24 hour period. I went to the movie theater to see the second one. When the husband rented the third movie for me last week, I was giddy like a teen girl who had just seen Robert Pattison on the street. While watching it, I realized just how awesomely bad this franchise is. Cheeeeeestastic. And yet, I can't wait for the final movie to come out.

I love Nerd jelly beans. Love. Them. They are killing my "get my midsection into shape so people don't think I am pregnant again" project. I have no will power when it comes to jelly beans but Nerd jelly beans are my kryponite.

Have you see the show Storage Wars? I fear telling you about this because I don't feel right getting anyone else hooked on it. I really don't watch a lot of television but for some reason, I can't not watch this show about people who go to auctions of abandoned storage lockers and bid on them. Who would have thought this would make for riveting television? Not me but I love it. They make it so fabulously melodramatic. So while everyone and their mother is watching Downton Abbey, I'm watching Storage Wars.

I'm almost ashamed to admit this next one. I downloaded two Danity Kane songs the other day and I've been rocking out to them in the car. You know the Mtv and P. Diddy created girl band/reality show? I love some of their songs. Show Stopper. Damaged. Cheesy and yet so very catchy.

Fess up. What are your guilty pleasures?


Elsha said...

I've also read the Twilight series like 3 times. And own the DVDs. Other guilty pleasures include the TV shows One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. Also lots of cheesy music.

Jessica said...

I've heard a lot about storage wars. I think I need to start watching it. Do you know if there are episodes on Netflix? We cancelled our cable.

k said...

I can't EVEN IMAGINE if we were given the opportunity to watch the "Twilight" movies together. We recently changed our movie channels at home to include Showtime and, gurrrrllll, they HAVE ALL THE TWILIGHTS! When Iris was layed with RSV last month, the hospital movie channel had them too. I watched them again. It's like a illness.

And "Damaged"? I got some moves to that.

Anyway, my guilty pleasures are eating food, any food, in bed. But I'll eat it on T's side so the crumbies land there. Heh.