Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It is always something

Last week during a meeting with two very important people at work, I got a text from my husband.

"I'm having a vertigo attack."

This is the third time in about four years this has happened. The first time I was 8-months pregnant with Peanut driving my very sick and disoriented husband to the emergency room thinking something awful was happening and that I was going to have to raise this baby on my own. After hours in the ER, the doctor diagnosed vertigo and sent us on our way.

This time, the husband had to convince his bosses not to call 911, explaining that it wasn't that big of a deal. He called my dad to drive him the hour home, leaving our car two counties away. When he got home, he realized he couldn't get in the house because the garage door was in the car, two counties away. I left work, driving 40 minutes home, to let him in.


Yesterday, the babysitter sent me a text saying Peanut had a 101 fever, felt nauseous and wasn't acting like herself. After giving her some Tylenol, the fever came down but she still wasn't better.

She was playful enough at home but we could see it in her eyes that she wasn't well. This morning, she got sick but never had a fever. Still, not completely better, we sent her up to my parents' house for the night. The husband and I both had to work tonight since it is Super Tuesday and kind of a big deal news-wise. 

While waiting for results to come in, my mother text me to say that Peanut's eye was goopy and pink.

Cue ominous music. I'm guessing she has pink eye, which you know is not serious but more of a pain in the butt. I have feared two things more than anything as a parent: pink eye and lice.


This all comes not even a month after the husband, Peanut and I were struck down with the cold from hell. The husband was out for two days. I stayed home for one although, it probably should have been two.

A month before that, I had to take two days off for a broken foot.

I feel anxious when I have to take off work for these kinds of things so much. My family (and their health) is my priority but my work pays for the insurance that helps us when we get sick. I know days off are part of my benefits and I have a very understanding boss. But still, I can't help feeling bad about the last minute days off.

And then I start to feel like a whiner because in the grand scheme of things, these are minor inconveniences. My children are healthy - normal children illnesses aside. My husband and I are healthy for the most part.

But I'm still not looking forward to taking my daughter to the doctor tomorrow, where they will tell me what I already know. She has pink eye and I have to stay home from work. Again.

According to the doctor, she has a cold, that caused an ear infection that caused pink eye. Oy. No daycare or school until Friday. And most likely, Gizmo will end up with pink eye too. Awesome.


Julie said...

Wow, Michelle, you practically described my month. I ended up taking 4 sick days last month thanks to sinus infections and the stomach bug. February was definitely the month of sick for us.

Shari said...

I feel bad taking sick days too, especially when I have deadlines. I try to stay logged in at home so I am available for questions, etc. Plus I make a point to check in at least once with whoever I am working with at the moment, so it's not like I am totally out of touch. At my office it's totally common to be working at home, so not being IN the office isn't so much of a big deal. What I hate is when the day care calls when a kid is sick, the husband and I are both an hour away in different directions, so I have to pack up immediately and run out the door.

k said...

You know! Jesabes was the one who finally clued me in (she wrote a post about it) that ear infections can lead to pink eye. I had no idea at all.

Hope the eyeball is less goopy SOON.

Cupcake Mama said...

I totally feel you. It is always something up in here too.