Thursday, March 1, 2012

What the boys are listening to

We're old school around here and still make mix CDs. (Well, I should say the husband does. I just listen to whatever he creates, for the most part. I like music, but I'm more passive about it. I don't seek out new music as he does. Anyway ...) We're taking a little road trip soon, so the husband decided to make a couple new ones: a California mix to celebrate The Boy's love of all things West Coast and a mix of all the songs that make Beastie rock out in the car.

Here are the playlists:

The California Mix
It's easy to tell the ever-inquisitive Boy what the name of the song is.

The Beastie Mix
The husband says it's the most random playlist he's ever created. 
It ranges from Bert and Ernie to House of Pain. 

The Lad actually requested the order of the first three songs on his mix: "Wagon Wheel! Choo-choo song! THEN Die Die Die." The husband finished up the list tonight with the help of the boys. He said they went through probably 25 songs so Beastie could pick out the last five they needed. 

Both of the boys are a little obsessed with the Avett Brothers. They've almost burnt me out of them, and I love that group. They also really like Ryan Adams' Rock N Roll -- "This is rocking, Momma!" -- however, I realized in a hurry the other day that I should probably skip the song that drops the F-bomb every other word. In related news, we're trying to encourage The Boy to like Weezer songs OTHER than Hashpipe. I realize not every family would think this stuff is kid-appropriate, but I just can't drive around listening to Elmo all the time, and I was raised on The Doors and Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc and survived. I figure they'll be OK, too. 

What do your kids listen to? Anybody besides the husband still burning mix CDs?


LE Bean said...

I still make mix cds, though they live as playlists while I'm tweaking them. Both of these look like fun, and I have the raw materials to recreate most of it too! Hooray! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Hee. Our kids listen to a lot of probably inappropriate stuff too, but I'm like you. Kids' music is like nails on a chalkboard for me. So we let them listen to stuff that's fun for them to bop around and dance to (or head bang and dance to) and that the lyrics are kind of hard to discern anyways. I suppose the older they get the more careful we'll have to be. We've already eliminated a few favorites that had a few too many clear swear words or drug references.

Erin said...

I hate the word "inappropriate." Evan listens to whatever music is on our iPod, though we have taken off some of the stuff with really foul language in it. I don't want him repeating that stuff, but what I really want is him to have the JUDGMENT not to say "inappropriate" words in the certain contexts. I don't think I will ever censor his music, and while I know it will be a while before he has the judgment that I want to instill upon him, we still try to keep it PG rated (or sometimes PG13). He likes Mellencamp, Glee songs (which have tolerable kid-friendly versions of stuff like CeeLo's F*uck You!), Tom Petty, and various rock-n-roll songs. He likes the song Sex on Fire, which we probably should not let him listen to, but it's too late now!

Shari said...

My kids listen to Neil Young, AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash...a wide range of mostly non-current and non-mainstream music, thanks to Pandora. The only time I put music onto a CD is if I need to save it off my computer for some reason.
For a while my son was obsessed with bagpipes. Pandora has everything!