Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This kid

I see other parents posting about their kids on facebook. Their kids are rolling over. Their kids are learning to sit and eating solids. It seems like we were pregnant at the same time. Weren't we? Aren't our kids just a few months apart. Isn't Gizmo their age?

No, not at all. It might seem like she was just born six months ago but I have to remind myself that she is anything but a baby as she passes the 15-month mark. She is barreling her way into toddlerhood without a glance back.

 Screeching because she can.

 Baby-zilla will eat you.

Gulp. Yum.

I can't get over how old she is. Her words are coming slowly (she started saying wub ewe - love you - this weekend) but she leaves little doubt what she wants. She gets in the cupboard and pulls out whatever she wants to eat (which is anything and everything all of the time. Bottomless pit.) 

She puts her head in our laps and sucks her thumb when tired. When you ask her if she wants to go night-night, she goes to her room and points to her crib. We simply put her in bed, cover her up and don't hear a peep until morning.

Gizmo isn't deterred by the fact that she is smaller and younger than her sister. If Peanut climbs up the slide, she tries to follow. If Peanut crawls into the toy box, Gizmo is right behind her. If Peanut is wrestling with Daddy, Gizmo is right in the mix, clobbering anyone who gets in her way. Head butting and biting are her go-to defensive (and offensive) moves.

Already, she knows how to mess with her sister. She grabs Peanut's drink if she leaves it unattended. She tries to eat Peanut's dinner even if she has the same exact thing on her plate. She will take toys away from her and run away. 

Where her sister is shy, Gizmo hasn't met a stranger. We still have to push and prod Peanut to give hugs to relatives. We tell Gizmo and she runs right up to anyone, arms open and up in the air, begging to be swooped up. She waves and cries out "bye-bye."

She'd rather be naked and cries when she has to get her pajamas on after bath. She smiles and stomps her feet when excited, which is 90 percent of the time. In the morning, she talks to herself, until we come in and get her. There she stands, in the same place every morning. Hands on the rails, smiling and screeching with excitement.

When she hears music, Gizmo does her own signature dance, that can be best described as "drop it like it's hot." She bounces her little booty up and down, stomps her feet, claps a little and starts all over again. Peanut usually yells out "shake your booty, Gizmo!"

Maybe at some point I will accept that my baby is not a baby anymore.


HereWeGoAJen said...

She is just so cute!

d e v a n said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

k said...

I still Iris a baby. She is not.

But they'll ALWAYS be our babies. Always.