Friday, May 25, 2012

Love/Hate: Friday edition

In the spirit of the lovely K

Love: I'm a week away from a week-long family vacation on a beach far away from my house. With Michelle and her family.
Hate: I'm a week away from vacation. And in that week, I have to fit in at least a week-and-a-half's worth of work.

Love: Playing ball with my boys.
Hate: Being mocked by the 4-year-old. "WOW, MOMMA! You caught it! Good job." It's giving me flashbacks to the catastrophe that was me in gym class and my sarcastic high school phys. ed. instructor.

Love: All the new clothes I've bought this month have given me fresh perspective on my closet. I like my wardrobe again.
Hate: My favorite (and only) casual, cross-body purse needs to be replaced and I can't find one I like.

Love: Memorial Day pool plans with friends
Hate: Upkeep required by pool plans and beach vacation (ahem)

Love: Memorial Day is an excuse to make potato salad and bake something fabulous.
Hate: There's nothing to hate about this.

What are you loving and hating this holiday weekend?


Eve Samples said...

Love that my husband just handed me a pint of Anchor Steam.
Hate trying to resist the siren song of a cocktail when I'm trying to be healthy during the week.

Love being within the 10-day forecast of an international trip.
Hate that the oppressive humidity has arrived in our part of Florida.

Love watching The Descendants right now.
Hate that I don't have a trip to Hawaii in the budget.

Jessica said...

Oh man, the week before vacation is the hardest. So much to do! So little time!

(Have an AWESOME trip!)