Monday, February 17, 2014

busy weekend and personal growth

Things we did this weekend:

  • Ran a 5K/kids' race (Mike and the boys, of course. I cheered, loudly.)
  • Went to baseball practice (Again, the male members of the household)
  • Ran errands (this was me)
  • Still managed to get to Tampa by 3 p.m. Saturday after all that. (3.5 hour drive)
  • Saw The Lego Movie (DELIGHTFUL!)
  • Went to dinner with family
  • Tried to see a concert*
  • Had a date night anyway
  • Spent the day at Legoland Florida
  • Went grocery shopping (Mike) 
  • Did the most pressing laundry (me)

Even for us, this was a little overbooked, which I told Mike when he woke me at 5:15 a.m. Saturday to start the weekend. Still it was fun, and it allowed me to take these pictures.

*About that concert ...
So, this is the personal growth portion of this post.

We like this band Shovels & Rope, and in December, they were in South Florida -- but it was a weekend we couldn't fit anything else into, even if we were willing to overbook as we did this weekend. Mike poked around and found they had a gig at a club in Ybor City in February and we agreed that was a better option. We could take a weekend trip, see family, see the concert and take the kids to Legoland on the way home. Everyone wins.

But Mike never bought the tickets because a) the band isn't that well known, b) the venue seemed pretty low-key and c) processing fees would have made them more expensive than buying at the door. I did not realize he hadn't bought tickets until we were on our way to Tampa. I started to worry about this when we got to the club and saw the line clear around the corner to get in. I almost said something then -- "You better hope we get in! Hahaha! *evil look* -- but purposely chose not to be a nagging wife. We were four people from the door when someone came out and said there was one ticket left. Mike tried to talk our way in, but that was beyond useless and so there we were: In Ybor City, our kids peacefully asleep at the hotel under the watchful eye of a cousin, and no way into the concert we had driven 3.5 hours to see.

Had this happened pre-children, Mike and I still would be fighting. Or rather, I would still be railing about it. Hell, even after children, that might have happened. As it was, I spent several minutes biting my tongue and saying "IT'S FINE" in a tone that made it very clear that it was NOT fine. But he was so obviously bummed out, too, and I realized we had a babysitter, and I had a choice: have a nice evening with my husband or spend the night fighting. Without even too much resentment, I chose the former. We went and had consolation beers and chatted about things that were mostly not our children and had a very nice evening. I feel like maybe the lectures I give the boys -- these are your options ...; you may be unhappy but you may NOT throw a fit -- might be getting through to me, too.

Full disclosure: I made it very clear that Mike owes me a concert within the year. We agreed that was fair.


Erin G said...

Oh man, I think I would have reacted like your pre-child self. I applaud you for not doing that, and I'm SO glad you had a lovely evening together anyway.

Also, yes the lego movie was DELIGHTFUL and CLEVER and I am already ready to see it again.

Also, that picture of your boys is completely melt-worthy and I hope you frame it and hang it in your guest room (oooh! on a canvas print!) because it is sleepy and homey and cozy and just lovely.

Erica said...

Nice work!

snoozical said...

Oh man! Bummer about the concert, but that's awesome how you handled it. Tough thing to pull off, and one I'm quite proud of myself when I manage. Glad y'all had a good weekend!

k said...

I find the combination of a laugh plus an evil eyeball look quite effective. No one gets defensive but, oh, the message is UNDER.STOOD.

I'm glad consolation beers came through for you.

maggie said...

I HATE being disappointed. UGH. As long as P is AWARE of the disappointment I'm usually good and can move on like a grown up. Most of the time. SORRY.