Wednesday, March 5, 2014

7 quick takes

1. This week Emery's schools are celebrating Dr. Seuss. I love the idea in theory but trying to keep up with two different schedules is apparently too much for my addled brain. At one school it's wear all one color and at the other school it's bring in your favorite Dr. Seuss character. The next day, dress wacky for one school and bring in your favorite book at the other. OK, fine. But then the teacher at one of school sent an email Monday with a schedule that did NOT match up with the schedule that she sent home last week (which also had THREE misspellings. One, I can forgive. Two, you were in a hurry. Three, COME ON! Proofread!) (And now I'm sure this blog post will have three misspellings despite proofreading it because: karma.)

2. On top of this, Emery got Cupcake the stuffed giraffe to take care of part of this week. The first time Cupcake came home, I wasn't aware until Monday morning when she/he had to go back and we had done NOTHING all weekend with the damn thing (perhaps the teacher could give someone a heads up? An email? A note?) So this time I was determined to make it work, taking pictures, including Cupcake in our evening, etc. (Especially since one kid took Cupcake to Florida. Dude, way to make everyone else look bad. Way to be THAT family.) Last night, my boss's boss invited the husband and me to a hockey game so we went, leaving the girls with my parents. When we got home, I realized I still had to journal about Cupcake. So there I was, writing about the stuffed giraffe at 10:30 at night. I'd like to talk to the first teacher who thought this whole sending home a stuffed animal was a good idea. It's not.

3. I recently had a dream where we had lived in our new house for three months and found out we had to move back to our old house. I panicked, cried and kept saying, "I can't pack up the house again. I can't do that commute. I just CAN'T!" In related news, we are about a week away from the one-year anniversary of moving (the moving from Springfield into my parents house for three weeks before we could move AGAIN into our current house.) Let us all be thankful that is behind us.

4. I am girding my loins for the next 4-6 weeks. The husband is going to Vegas for four days. Two days after he gets back, I'm going back to Washington, D.C. for four days for a work trip (and will be there for my birthday.) Sometime in that same week, I'm hoping I can see Hillary and her family while they are in Ohio. Then Emery starts soccer in April (more on that to come) and I have a week-long fellowship at Ohio State that will keep me out of the office. It's all fun and exciting but, man, are we going to be busy.

5. As for soccer, the husband got the inevitable call from the league asking if he could coach. This is the sport that he knows the least about but how can he say no? While I teased him about being a sucker, he reminded me that I will be the coach's wife who gets to coordinate snacks and photos and uniforms and trophies. It suddenly didn't seem so funny anymore.

6. I don't write many stories for work - my job is mainly as an editor. But last week, I jumped in and wrote this about a state agency that had a porn file on an FTP site linked to their site (let me tell you how uncomfortable THAT interview was.) So far, Gawker, Time, and the Daily Mail have written articles on it (and by written I mean they linked to my story and/or pretty much copy and pasted it) and Seth Meyers mentioned it on his show (not me personally, just the topic.) Colleagues keep sending me the references and I've joked that I'm sure my mother is super proud that my porn story has gone national/international. The power of the Internet, people.

7. Hillary posted this Washington Post column on how women lead in the work place yesterday and I snagged it. I can't even begin to tell you how much this concept spoke to me. After almost 10 years as a manager, I could write a book on this.


k said...

Two things:

1) What the fresh hell kind of name is Cupcake for a giraffe?

2) Do you think you'll get to see last year's soccer coach again?! The one that kicked asssssss? I still have visions of hiring him to whip my co-workers into shape.

Erica said...

Oh man with the giraffe and the themed outfits.

Erin G said...

I actually have a soft spot for preschool animals that come home from school, because after our weekend with curious george, Nathan talked IN FRONT OF HIS CLASS for the first time, AND he wrote his first real sentence in the little journal thing (mom fail = he took it upon himself since he saw I hadn't done it yet).

But yeah. I'd be irritated writing about Cupcake the Giraffe at 10:30 at night too.

PS I also hate moving with the hate of a thousand suns.

PPS Congrats on the porn.