Monday, March 10, 2014

Bed head help needed

Emery has crazy thick hair, something I have no experience with given my own fine hair.

It's becoming more and more of a problem, especially in the morning when she looks like squirrels have spent the night building an apartment building in her hair.

Her hair is very straight with no curls (and given that I tried to use curlers on it this weekend and the curls stayed for about 10.5 seconds, I don't think it likes to hold curls.)

We've tried the smoothing shampoos and conditioners, which help some. Going to bed with wet or dry hair doesn't seem to matter. We use the detangling spray in the morning but that only goes so far. Brushing her hair has become a battle that none of us enjoy. Edit to add: We also have three different "special" brushes that are supposed to make brushing easier. They do ... kind of.

Any tips, products, ideas you have?


Christina Pennell said...

Can you braid it? Take it out in the am, brush, pony and go? I had sister wife hair as kid and my mom would always put us to bed in braids.

Celeste said...

A satin pillowcase helps some. You might also try putting her hair into a braid before bed.

Miranda said...

Well, look like those two ^ have this pretty covered as far as the things I was going to suggest.

HereWeGoAJen said...

What everyone else says. Before Elizabeth's hair was long enough to braid, I would spray her with detangler before bed too and that helped it not get as tangled in the morning. I also find that brushing before bed and in the morning helps. And we do audio books in the morning while she eats breakfast while I brush it out. It's the only way she holds still enough.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, I forgot. For a while, I used diluted glycerin on Elizabeth's hair at night. When she was still too sensitive to products for me to use regular detangling spray. It seemed to work even better. But dilute it in small batches because I had problems with it get moldy in the bottle. That's why I eventually stopped using it. But it got us to the point where I could braid her hair at night.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Are either of your special brushes a wet brush or a tangle teaser? A bit of argan oil might make it more manageable. I'm also a fan of pantene conditioner on the girls' hair; I have never found any of the "ZOMG ITS SO BAD FOR YOUR HAIR" arguments compelling.

Adriana's hair is SUPER FINE and knots up like crazy. I have started making her brush it before bed and in the morning, thinking that she would howl less if she was doing it to herself. So she brushes most of it out before I get to it and we are both happier.

k said...

Iris' hair is INSANITY in the morning.

Would a top knot in Emery's hair keep it out of the way of nighttime snaggles?